Bieber Paparazzo Killed New Year’s Day

On New Year’s Day paparazzo Chris Guerra was killed in a car accident while trying to take pictures of Justin Bieber. Guerra was excited to snap photos of Bieber when he saw Bieber’s Ferrari pull out of the Four Seasons Hotel. It was reported that Guerra saw Bieber driving and smoking Marijuana and was trying to get the shot. Unfortunately, it cost Guerra his life.

Because Guerra was so excited to get the picture of Bieber he ran across the street and was hit by a Toyota SUV. The driver of the vehicle isn’t facing charges. The driver was in full cooperation with the police and Guerra was violating traffic laws by not crossing at crosswalk.

Guerra decided to jaywalk when he thought he could pin Bieber for a DUI. Ultimately it resulted in his death and was evidently in vain. The driver of the Ferrari wasn’t even Justin Bieber it was rapper Lil Twist.

The story only serves to prove that the laws of the road aren’t only important for drivers, but pedestrians as well. Laws are in place to protect us from the dangers of the road and breaking them could come at the expense of your life.