Joel Heiligman – An Experienced Minnesota BWI Lawyer

The state of Minnesota takes Boating While Intoxicated/ Boating Under the Influence or BWI/BUI very seriously. If stopped for a BWI, don’t forget that you still have rights that should be protected. There are many factors considered that could create problems for you while performing a BWI field sobriety test. Much like being pulled over for a DWI, an officer will attempt to evaluate your current physical condition to help them determine whether or not you are operating the boat under the influence.

For most people, if they have spent an entire day out in the sun on the water, it is very likely that their physical condition may be altered. Their fatigue, slight instability and dry or bloodshot eyes may very well be the result of too much sun exposure, rather than having too much to drink. This is exactly why it is so important to contact an experienced Minnesota BWI lawyer. They can help protect you from an unwanted BWI charge. Similar to a DWI/DUI case, a BWI can affect your drivers’ license and your boating license, which is why it is vital to have a defense attorney with the right skills to defend your case. Without a doubt, it’s important to take Minnesota boating and drinking laws very seriously. Call 763-788-9231.

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