Joel Heiligman – An Experienced Hennepin County DWI Attorney

Joel Heiligman has represented numerous clients facing DWI charges in Hennepin County, Minnesota. He’s very familiar with the courthouses and the ins and outs of the legal process covering Hennepin County DWI arrests, and he will fight on your behalf with the goal of achieving the best result possible for your case. With Joel working on your behalf, you can move forward with peace of mind.

Hennepin County DWI Resources

Hennepin County One-Day DWI program Hennepin County, MN offers a one-day DWI program to first-time offenders. The course covers: self-assessment, cognitive therapy, alcohol education, and features a victim impact panel. Courses are usually held Saturdays at locations across the county, including Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center, Bloomington, Hopkins, and Minnetonka. For information on how to register, visit the One-Day DWI webpage.

Hennepin County DWI Court Hennepin County, MN features an adult DWI court program located off of South Sixth Street at C-8 Government Center in downtown Minneapolis. The DWI court helps repeat DWI offenders break the cycle of recidivism, with the goal of increasing overall public safety. Participation in the adult DWI court program can help defendants receive a reduction in penalties. To learn more about Hennepin County’s adult DWI court program, we recommend viewing the pdf document at For information on attending court in Hennepin County, visit the Hennepin Criminal & Traffic Division webpage at

If you’re facing a drunk driving charge in Hennepin County, DUI lawyers such as Joel Heiligman can help you fight back. Contact our law offices today at 763-788-9231. For more information regarding our firm, visit our practice webpage.