Joel Heiligman – An Experienced Ramsey County DWI Attorney

Joel Heiligman Law is committed to working with clients to have charges dismissed or at the very least minimized as much as possible. As an attorney, Joel has handled a high number of cases in Ramsey County, Minnesota. He knows the area, understands how the legal process works covering Ramsey County DWI arrests at the local level, and can handle your case in the area with confidence.

Ramsey County DWI Resources

Ramsey County DWI Court for Repeat Offenders Ramsey County, Minnesota features a DWI Court located off of Kellogg Boulevard in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota. To be eligible to participate in DWI court, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • You must be a resident of Ramsey County
  • You must have been charged with 3 or more DWIs in Ramsey County (only gross misdemeanors)
  • You must be committed to recovery and have no violent criminal history

DWI courts are specifically created to assist repeat DWI offenders with breaking the cycle of alcoholism and helping them move forward with their lives. Advantages to attending DWI court can include: assistance with mental health, a reduction in jail-time, resources for chemical dependency, cognitive groups, and more. For information on Ramsey County Court, visit the Ramsey Criminal & Traffic Division webpage at

Ramsey County DUI lawyers such as Joel Heiligman offer unrivaled experience and can help you fight back. For more information, contact our law offices today: 763-788-9231. Please visit our practice webpage for additional information regarding our legal services.