Does Your DUI Impact Your Children?

We all make mistakes, but some of us make the terrible mistaking of driving while intoxicated. There are many penalties that come along with this crime, but will it affect the rest of your life? If you’re raising children you may be wondering what sort of affects your DUI will have on them and if you will be allowed to keep custody of your children.

You will, in fact, be allowed to keep custody of your children with a DUI. That is unless, of course, the children were in the car with you at the time of the DUI. If your children were in the car at the time of your DUI you will likely be facing a more serious charge and your custody could be taken away.

If you’re children are old enough to be aware that you are in trouble with the law, it may have an affect on them. They may start to see you a little differently and call your authority into question. Be prepared for the questions, and try not to lie. Often times these sorts of problems can be handled through family counseling. It’s likely that your DUI attorney has had past clients who have been through the same thing. Ask if he or she has recommendations on who your family can talk to about these issues.

Try not beat yourself up about your DUI. There is nothing you can do to change the past, so try to look forward. Learn from your mistakes and set a good example for your children. This will have far more of an impact on them than any mistake you may have mad.