Drunk Driver Attempts Escape from Chisago Authorities on Frozen Lake

A daring DWI escape on a frozen lake probably isn’t your typical scene for a car chase, but that’s exactly what happened in Chisago County, Minnesota in February.

Sheriff deputies were first alerted to the presence of the driver by other citizens, who noted the person also had children in their vehicle, according to a report from FOX 9.

When the sheriff vehicle approached the scene where the vehicle in question was located, the suspect quickly drove off with the sheriff in hot pursuit.

Eventually, the suspect pulled over off the lake, had to be forcibly taken out of the vehicle, and was charged with 2nd degree DWI.

Winter often times presents unique types of DWI-related incidents. In an unrelated February event, a man in Anoka County was arrested after reportedly driving a snowmobile into a house.

Steeper Consequences

People who drive drunk with minors face stiffer penalties under Minnesota state law – and can be charged with a 2nd degree DWI, which is a gross misdemeanor, for doing so. To learn more about 2nd degree violations, check out our 2nd degree DWI webpage.