High Speed Chase Part of Major Statewide DWI Crackdown in MN

A recent drunk driving crackdown in the state of Minnesota led officers to apprehend a man who was driving 128 miles-per-hour on a central Minnesota highway, according to a report from the Star Tribune. Not only was the man driving fast, though, he also had a 14-year-old boy in the vehicle.

The man was unlicensed and the arrest represented just one incident of 1,369 officers were involved in during a 17-day period that ended on September 2nd.

“Usually drunks don’t go that fast,” stated Police Chief Chad Gulbranson via the report. Gulbranson serves in Osakis, Minnesota. Driving intoxicated with a minor in the vehicle can result in more severe DWI charges, including child endangerment convictions.

Police noticed the man, 32, at a stop sign and that’s when the high-speed chase began. Despite his driving at a high speed, officers eventually caught up and he blew a BAC of .012%. The BAC limit in Minnesota is .08%.

The major crackdown was carried out by 300 agencies statewide and netted just one fewer arrest than a similar campaign carried out last year. Officers participating received overtime pay via federal funds made possible through a partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

This time of year has seen a number of high profile campaigns targeting driving violations. Another enforcement effort known as Click it or Ticket lasted September 17th through the 29th.

Despite the many arrests, Minnesota overall has experienced progress in terms of decreasing DWI-related incidents. According to the DPS, alcohol-related driving arrests decreased by 31% between 2008 and 2017. To learn more about the recent DWI crackdown campaign, read: Say goodbye to summer with a sober ride (via the Minnesota DPS website).