Long- Term Effects of a DUI

People tend to be more aware about the short-term of effects of a DUI/DWI conviction such as jail time, classes, probation, and a suspended drivers license just to name a few. However, many people do not consider the long-term effects of getting a DUI.

  • Keeping Your Job: You may have trouble keeping your job if it involves driving. Jobs that consistent of a lot of driving are usually strict about driving records.
  • Getting a Job: Even a first time DUI offense by someone with no other criminal record can have a huge impact on your future ability to get certain jobs. Everyday more and more companies are conducting background checks on their prospective employees.
  • Auto Insurance: Getting a DUI usually results in the suspension of your driver’s license and in order to reinstate your license, you’ll need to show your proof of insurance. Keep in mind that you might be classified as a high-risk driver, which means your current insurance company could cancel your policy.
  • Education: Having a DUI conviction could possibly make it difficult to get into college.