Michael Madsen Charged with DUI

Michael Madsen, best known for his works in Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill was arrested in September for a DUI.  Recently, he was charged with two DUI counts for that incident. One charge was for driving under the influence and the other for being above the legal limit. Madsen was pulled over on Pacific Coast Highway for driving erratically when he was arrested for a DUI.

Madsen is scheduled to go to court this week to protest these charges.  Madsen’s attorney claims that the sobriety test was inaccurate.  Madsen and his attorney will fight the charges against him for that reason.  If Madsen is found guilty he could serve up to two years of jail time. Since this is Madsen’s first offense it’s not very likely that he will go to jail.

While it’s Madsen’s first DUI charge that’s not to say he hasn’t run into trouble with the law before.  Back in March Madsen was arrested for child endangerment when he got into an argument with one of his three sons.  In the police report officers claimed that Madsen did appear to be intoxicated. These charges where dropped due to insufficient evidence.

Madsen’s court date is later this month, so only time will tell if his lawyer can properly defend his alleged inaccurate sobriety test.