MN DPS Focused on Extra Enforcement During 100 Days of Summer

The time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is often noted for its high fatalities on roadways nationwide, and Minnesota is certainly no exception. The Minnesota DPS recently noted that the 100-day summertime stretch accounted for 34% of all statewide traffic fatalities during 2017 (findings were still preliminary). And unsurprisingly, the department is focused on extra enforcement during the same period this year.

Extra Enforcement Dates

The Click It Or Ticket campaign lasted through June 3 and from June 6 through July 22, officers will be focused on drivers who are speeding. Meanwhile, from August 17 through Sept 2, there will be extra patrols looking for drivers who are intoxicated. The period in which extra enforcement is expected for DWI is known as the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign.

“The aim is for Minnesota law enforcement to stay extra vigilant so that you can arrive safely at your destination. It’s never guaranteed, but by buckling your seatbelt, putting the phone down, driving sober and obeying the speed limit, you can increase the chances that your open road will lead to summer fun instead of tragedy,” the department noted via a blog post.

Memorial Day Fatalities

This year’s 100 day period is already off to an unfortunately deadly start. For 2018, six separate auto accidents resulted in six fatalities, according to KSTP. It’s unclear however if the influence of alcohol was involved in those deaths. Meanwhile, the same KSTP report noted that 374 drivers were arrested for DWI between the Friday and Tuesday surrounding the Memorial Day weekend.

Despite the high amount of accidents on roadways, serious traffic injuries actually decreased by 68% between the years 1987 and 2016. The statistic is quite promising, but considering the latest news, it’s clear there’s still much work to be done. To learn more about the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s increased enforcement during the 100 days of summer, read their blog post, Give in to peer pressure, Buckle up.