‘Professional Courtesy’ a Complicated Matter for Some MN Police

The idea that cops shouldn’t ticket other cops is common and known in inner law enforcement circles as “professional courtesy.” It’s also especially prevalent when it concerns potential DWI arrests.

KARE 11 recently reported on the practice – highlighting an incident this past November when officers in Blaine, Minnesota responded to a call, finding a man passed out in the driver’s seat of his vehicle. The car was running but placed in park in a parking lot.

The footage was caught via a police dash cam video obtained by the news organization.

When the officers had the man step out the vehicle, he had trouble following basic orders and eventually blew a 2.02 on the breathalyzer – more than double the legal limit under state law.

Officers were ready to arrest the suspect, but upon realizing he was a fellow officer via his ID, reversed course and instead arranged a ride home for him. No arrest occurred and no reporting of the incident took place in the direct aftermath.

In the end, however, the attempt to conceal what actually happened that night didn’t work. The Blaine Police Department investigated and Officer Monberg, the man suspected of being drunk that night, was eventually charged with DWI.

“My expectation is fair and impartial policing and that didn’t happen,” stated Blaine Police Chief Chris Olson in comments provided to KARE11. “We need to treat people fairly and it shouldn’t matter what they do for a living.”

For his part, Officer Monberg has pleaded not guilty and has also apologized for the events that occurred that night. Whether he wins his case remains to be seen.