Joel Heiligman Law provides a thorough list of resources intended to help those facing charges understand the nuances of Minnesota DWI law. The following links are categorized by topic and come from agencies including the MN Department of Public Safety & outside organizations, in addition to other webpages on our site:

Minnesota Ignition Interlock Law

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety announced its Ignition Interlock program in 2011. Concerning ignition interlock, MN allows those facing DWI-related license suspensions to regain driving privileges through the installation of an ignition interlock device by their vehicle’s dashboard. The following DPS links can help answer any questions you may have regarding the application process:

Impaired Driving Penalties & Sanctions – Provides an overview of Minnesota DWI law penalties, in addition to information on the Ignition Interlock Law.

MN Ignition Interlock Device Program – The MN Department of Public Safety’s official website for the Ignition Interlock program. Contains guidelines, how to apply, FAQs, and more.

Ignition Interlock Program Guidelines – Contains guidelines, including requirements to be accepted into the program.

Ignition Interlock Program Forms – DPS site containing all forms related to assisting those with a revoked or canceled license.

Revoked Status Checklist – Helps those with a revoked license status qualify for the program.

Canceled Status Checklist – Helps those with a canceled license status qualify for the program.

Employment Exemption Form – Apply for an employment exemption through the MN Ignition Interlock program.

General Driving Information

Minnesota Driver’s Manual – Details all rules and regulations related to operating a vehicle in the state of Minnesota.

Other Minnesota DWI Law Resources

Frequently Asked Questions – DWI

Boating While Intoxicated (BWI)