Statewide DWI Crackdown Yields 1,370 Arrests

Law enforcement agencies across Minnesota recently combined efforts to conduct a 17-day drunk driving crackdown. Over 300 agencies were involved in the operation, which the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety coordinated from Aug. 18 to Sept. 3. In total, there were 1,370 DWI arrests, up from 1,351 in the 2016 crackdown.

From southern Minnesota to the Canadian border, officers worked overtime with funds from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The effort led to the arrest of 17 people with blood alcohol concentrations measuring 0.30 and above — nearly four times the legal limit. One such arrest in Fillmore County involved a man who recorded a 0.38 BAC level. Officers located his vehicle on a shoulder of Highway 52, where he had passed out behind the wheel.

Other notable arrests included a Rice County man who attempted to escape officers and led them on a six-mile pursuit, a hit-and-run driver with 50 doses of LDS in the vehicle, and a mother with two children in the car whose BAC level measured at 0.30.

The coordinated operation means that well over one thousand drivers face Minnesota drunk driving penalties such as a license revoke, steep fines, and even jail time. To learn more about life after a DWI, read our blog post “How to Get a Limited License in Minnesota After DWI” for more information.