Vikings Receiver Floyd Violates Terms of House Arrest After 2016 DUI

When Michael Floyd signed with the Minnesota Vikings in May, it represented a homecoming for the St. Paul native. Over the last five years in the NFL, the speedy wide receiver has recorded over 3,700 yards receiving and 24 touchdowns – an impressive feat that signals Floyd could significantly contribute to the Viking’s pass offense during the 2017 season. However, the way in which Floyd arrived back home is partly due to something controversial: A DUI arrest.

Floyd’s release from the Arizona Cardinals last year came directly after the receiver was discovered by authorities asleep at the wheel. And although Floyd briefly played for the Patriots directly afterwards, including when they won Super Bowl LI, he is still subject to the terms of his guilty plea. Floyd previously served 24 days in prison, in addition to $5,00 in fines.

This week, it was reported by a variety of media outlets that Floyd had violated the terms of the house arrest he’s currently serving. Floyd later admitted to the incident, according to ESPN, saying he had had “several bottles of kombucha tea drinks” as he watched a movie on Saturday. Floyd, however, defended the actions, noting he was unaware the drinks contained alcohol.

Floyd is expected to return to a Scottsdale, Arizona court later this month after the incident was discovered due in part to a missed alcohol test. Floyd will then have to explain to the court how the incident transpired.

Floyd’s house arrest for DWI in MN was made available by a Scottsdale, AZ court so he could attend Vikings practices and prepare for the regular season.

According to ESPN, under the current terms of his house arrest, Floyd is subject to 6 random alcohol tests a day. He had already served 91 of 96 days when the incident transpired. The NFL has yet to comment – and could discipline Floyd at some point. Floyd was previously arrested for DUI in March of 2011.