Winona County Bus Driver Charged with DWI

A school bus driver was charged with a third-degree DWI after crashing into a tree while children were on board his bus. Winona County authorities stated that the driver, Karl Herber (age 54) was under the influence while driving five children from the Lewiston-Altura School District. After picking the children up, he left the road and hit a tree on Fern Valley Drive, near County Road 28.

Luckily, none of the children on the bus were injured- including a kindergartner, a second grader, two third graders, and a fifth grader.

The sheriff’s office was notified around 4:44pm. They arrived at the scene roughly 30 minutes after the incident while another school bus picked up the 5 children and transported them to their homes.

Winona County Chief Deputy, Ron Ganrude stated that Herber was showing signs of intoxication at the scene such as swaying back and forth, with an unsteady balance and smelling of alcohol.

When arriving on the scene, deputies performed a field sobriety test with Herber and arrested him. His breath test indicated a blood alcohol level of 0.09.